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Ostame metsakinnistuid ja kasvavat metsa

About the company

OÜ Valga Puu is a forestry company established in 1999 that belongs to the bioenergetics development and renewable energy production group AS Graanul Invest. All of the group is based on Estonian capital and its stated goal is to become the largest producer of wood pellets in Europe, owning now factories in all Baltic states. The role of Valga Puu is to supply the pellet factories in Valga, Järva and Lääne-Viru counties with round timber and wood pulp. To accomplish these goals, we have by now become one of the largest companies providing forestry services in Estonia. We perform all the necessary work in the forest from planting the forest to final felling, and even building roads and forest drainage. By now, Valga Puu has long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with quite many clients and cooperation partners, also being a forest owner itself. Our company employs more than 60 employees who have a higher education or professional qualification related to the occupation. All employees participate all year round in various training courses to stay with their professional knowledge and skills on the highest top of the forestry business.

Valga Puu is a member of Estonian Private Forest Association and Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association.

Valga Puu – a partner for the smart forest owner!

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