Here you will find a list of services that Valgapuu can provide. If you don’t see what you need here, please contact us and we can discuss any custom requirements or offerings.


Buying cutting rights and forest material

In general, we buy forest material in growing form (as the so-called cutting rights) or as previously cut and stacked on a stockyard. In the first case, we also perform cutting. Valga Puu has long-standing relationships with all major sawmills and we offer competitive prices for different assortments, including firewood and forest material suitable for producing wood pulp.


Managing of forest registered immovables

With our complex managing of forest registered immovables service, we take on the responsibility to perform all forestry tasks according to a previously signed contract. The aim is to enhance the productivity of forest lands and ensure maximum profitability for the forest owner by performing the necessary cutting, land improvement, reforestation of the areas, etc. Before signing the contract, inventory of the whole registered immovable will be taken and a work plan will be drawn up, including an overview of profits and necessary investments. This also includes helping the forest owner to apply for both state and European Union funded aid for performing forestry activities.



In performing the cutting, we see as our advantage our diverse machinery that allows us to choose the fitting forest machines for various conditions. Our machine operators have passed various levels of training in Luua Forestry School to ensure the quality of round stock and maximum profits for the forest owner. The look of the cut area after cutting is very important to us. Above all, this means correctly collected cutting waste, taking care of the ground, choosing suitable seed and old crop trees, quality of improvement cutting, etc.

We perform all types of cutting:

· Care for forest cultures (removing herbs and inferior deciduous brushwood from around trees with an age up to 5 years);
· Cleaning (in stands with an age up to 10 years);
· Improvement cutting and thinning (as a rule, two stages in stands aged 10 to 50 years);
· Clear cutting;
· Cleaning of drains, roadsides, overgrown arable land, etc. for the purpose of producing wood pulp.


Buying forest and arable land

Investments into buying biological property are one part of the long term strategy of Valga Puu and the whole Graanul Invest group. This ensures the wood mass for production even in the case of unfavourable fluctuations on the raw materials market. Exactly this need to lower the different risks gives us our competitive advantage, as we need to pay a better price when acquiring forest land.


Land improvement and forest roads

We offer our clients the possibility to create a new land improvement object on their forest or arable land or reconstruct an already existing land improvement system. Our services include:

· Designing the objects;
· Building roads, drains, ponds and other hydrostructures;
· Inspection of objects.

Land improvement and building forest roads is handled by AAB Ekskavaator, a subsidiary of Valga Puu. The company has the licenses, competency, and machinery (four excavators designed for different purposes) necessary for performing these jobs.



The method of afforestation depends primarily on the forest site type, i.e. humidity conditions of the soil, and it is decided based on this whether to leave the area to natural regeneration or to use planting young trees or seeding to create a new generation of forest. We offer the following services in connection with afforestation:

· Preparing the ground with disc plow;
· Planting trees (mainly spruce, pine, and birch)
· Seeding (mainly pine and birch)

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