Apr 05

Valga Puu brings Christmas joy to more than 1,500 healthcare workers!

“Your contribution is invaluable, our thanks are timeless!”

The cards with such gratitude were in gift packages, which Valga Puu, in cooperation with its partners, handed over to all health care workers in Võru, Põlva and Valga counties. A total of 1506 gift packages and 570 Christmas trees were distributed. We see and hear expressions of gratitude from people who have received a package from various sources, and it is very heartwarming that people are doing well. We wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a happy start.

Thank you: Karni meat products, UPM-Kymmene Otepää, Arcwood, Agrone, Nopri Talumeierei, Saavaste & Loos honey, Uue-Saaluse Wine Farm