Apr 02

Valga Puu buys a full stake in the forestry company – Dammix AS

Valga Puu OÜ, which belongs to Graanul Invest and Valga Puu Invest, buys a full stake in the forestry company Dammix AS with an annual turnover of five million euros.

OÜ Valga Puu and OÜ Dammix Mets entered into a sales agreement on 15th March, by which Dammix Mets sells a full stake in AS Dammix to Valga Puuu, according to the merger notification and competition authority.

The main objective of the concentration is to support the core business of the Valga Puu Group by ensuring the stable availability of the necessary raw materials. The concentration is not expected to have a significant impact on the market.

In 2016, the sales revenue of Dammix AS was 4.9 million euros and the net profit was 76,100 euros.

The main activities of Dammix AS are logging and transport services, purchase and sale of round material, and purchase of the right to cut growing forest and stockpile chopped wood.

The final beneficiaries of OÜ Valga Puu are Andres Olesk, Raul Kirjanen, Anders Anderson and Mihkel Matsin.

Source in Estonian can be read here.